Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cheap Entertainment

Learn to entertain yourself cheaply. You do not have to spend a lot of money to entertain yourself, contrary to many people's opinion. There are many ways to enjoy yourself cheaply. Take travelling, for instance. You don't need an airplane flight or a cruise to enjoy a vacation. Instead, you can get a tent and some other basic supplies and go camping with your friends or family. The supplies can be reused time and time again, and camping is cheap or free. You can go on hikes, play board games, read books, watch television, play computer games, surf the internet, and many other things that are virtually free (or very cheap) to entertain yourself. Don't spend a lot of money to have fun. We promise, having a lot of money is more fun.

Reducing Food Costs

Now that your living and transportation costs are in order, it's time to figure out how to eat cheaply. The only way to do this is a way that many people avoid; you simply must learn how to cook. There are easy ways to learn to cook; the simplest is to buy a recipe book and to start cooking. Just do it. You'll mess up a few things for sure, but you'll learn for sure, as well. You can cook for much cheaper than you can buy food. After acquiring the right spices and staple ingredients, you can cook several meals for two dollars or less. Learn how to cook, and start cooking.

Transportation Cuts

Since you have reduced your living conditions, now it's time to reduce your transportation expenses. This is very important. If you have a gas guzzling vehicle, get rid of it. If you have a car that breaks often, get rid of it. Power is not important. You need to think economical. The most economical car is what you want. If you want to be rich, everything you see needs to have dollar signs attached to it; you'll need to realize how much everything costs you. Reduce your expenses; reduce your expenses; reduce your expenses. The best cars to buy are cheap Japanese ones; these will last you a long time without repairs (if properly maintained), have low maintenance costs, and are fuel efficient. Buy them.

Cutting Housing Costs

Now that you have enough money to live, the first thing you must do is cut your housing costs, which is usually your biggest expense. This means doing thing you might not like. This means selling your house (if you own one) and moving into the smallest realistic apartment. If you have a three or two bedroom apartment but are single or without kids, move into a studio or one bedroom apartment. Most of you will not like the idea of reducing your living conditions, but, grow up and do it; grin and bear it. Do you want to be rich? If you do, you'll do what it takes. Reduce your living conditions right away, without second thought.

Current Income

When you decide it's time that you got rich, there's only one logical place to start: where you are now. Take a look at your income now. This could come from anywhere, but for most, it comes from a job. Some of you out there may be self employed; you might own your own job. In either case, you have to be sure that you have enough money to live. Most of you have enough money to live, but if you don't, you better figure it out, quick. Get a better job, or get a second job. Find a way to make enough to live. Better yet, make more than that. Once you have enough money to live, you can start the process to get rich.